Boy Am I Scared Eh!

Auckland Art Gallery Toi o Tāmaki

Boy Am I Scared Eh!

Greatest Hits: The 1990s

By: Courtney Johnston


I've been thinking about the 1990s a lot lately. It's the decade I came of age - I studied art history at the turn of the century, and although I wasn't there physically, Headlands, Cultural Safety, Toi Toi Toi - these are my art historical touchstones. A quickish sift through Digital New Zealand was revealing for what "felt" like the 1990s and what did not - this is a very personal selection, based on what I saw in the flesh and on the lecture theatre projection screen. Looking back, the decade seems characterised by a new consciousness or self-consciousness: of our art history, of New Zealand's (and New Zealand artist's) place in the world, of sexuality and the body, ethnicity and identity, language and communication, of how art is made, framed and disseminated. I wonder what I would pull together in a few years time to stand for the 2000s?

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