How to make your set private

DigitalNZ Sets makes it easy for you to choose whether you want to share your sets publicly, or make them private.

Start editing

Locate your set and select “Edit”. (Need some help with that?)


Find the settings

On the editing page, you’ll find the Privacy Settings sitting below your Tag list, and above the Save button. 

 Privacy Settings

“Public” means that anyone can view this set.

“Hidden” means that only people you share this link with can see this set. For example, you may choose to send the link to a select group of friends, colleagues, or family.

“Private” means that only you can view this set.

Select Private

Click on the circle next to “Private”. In the picture above, the Set is currently “Public”. You can go back and change these settings at any time.

Check your sets

Each set you make has Privacy Settings, so remember to select your preferred setting for each of them.

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