How to edit your set and change the layout

Find your set

Once logged in, go straight to the set you want to edit, or to your sets overview page. You can use your sets menu in the top right hand corner of the page to get there. (Need some extra help?)

Start editing

Select the "Edit" button next to the set you want to change.


From the editing page you can change the name, description and tags for your set.

You can delete items

All the items included in your set are listed down the page. You can remove items by selecting the "Delete" button to the right hand side.

Pompey Delete

Rearrange the layout

To the left hand side of each item is a grey dimpled tab.

Before Changing The Layout

Use this to drag the item further up or down in the list and rearrange the layout.

Changing The Layout

Changing the vertical order of the items will change the layout of your set when you view it.

Changed The Layout

The item at the top of the list always appears prominent when you view your set.

Save your changes

Remember to click the "Save" button.


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