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By natlib.
Could you tell me whether there is a preferred option with geotagging photographs eg general area of photograph, where the photographer was standing when the photo was taken, or main focus of photograph ie central building or object? I understand that some cameras note where the photographer was standing when the photograph was taken but that's not helpful if the photograph was using a zoom lens. Also, do you have any recommendations for the best ways to add a geotag after the fact (if you...

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People from another time: Ever-changing faces from historical NZ portraits

By chris mcdowall.

Other Faces

This post details a small project I created over Waitangi Weekend using the DigitalNZ API . You can play with the end result here.

In late 2011, I attended the New Zealand National Digital Forum. It was a great conference full of inspirational people. I was particularly taken by Tim Sherratt's presentation on the Invisible Australians project and Mitchell Whitelaw's thoughtful discussion of generous interfaces.

These talks left me thinking about the relationships between serendipity,...

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In the spotlight: The University of Otago Library's Hocken Collections

By Chelsea.

The spotlight shines again, this time on a recently added collection of beautiful digital content from the University of Otago Library's Hocken Collections!

The Hocken Collections is a library collection of national significance.  The Collections include books, ephemera, posters, newspapers, journals, music, maps, and heaps more on the history and culture of New Zealand, the Pacific and Antarctica.  There is a special emphasis on the Otago and Southland regions of New Zealand....

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In the spotlight: Tauranga City Libraries

By Chelsea.

This week's spotlight on awesome content contributors shines on Tauranga City Libraries.  

Tauranga City Libraries contribute digital content to DigitalNZ from their online digital 'knowledge basket' called Tauranga Memories.  The aim of the site is to capture the spirit of Tauranga through the community's contribution of personal stories, photographs, video and audio footage. 

A real highlight of Tauranga Memories is the content that documents and reflects on the grounding of...

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Safer Journeys for Teens: NZTA Remix competition for Secondary School Students

By Chelsea.

The New Zealand Transport Agency (NZTA) has just launched a competition for secondary schools students (Years 9-13) focusing on a theme of 'Safer Journeys for Teens'.  The competition encourages the creative re-use of content and data from the NZTA websites and publications.  

The incredibly popular 'Legend' advert is just one example of the content available for remixing in the competition.

In addition to creating a remix or mashup, students will have to provide evidence that they...

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Quoting NZ newspaper articles in a non-fiction NZ book

By natlib.
I'm in the process of writing about certain criminal enterprises in NZ over the last 10 years (nothing controvesial I hasten to point out!) - but I'd like to quote some articles from local/national newspapers around court cases, background details of suspects, and so on. Mainly quotes from witnesses, judges, lawyers, and so on. How do I go about doing that? Any ideas'd be helpful!

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In the spotlight: The University of Auckland Library

By Chelsea.

Here at DigitalNZ HQ, we're constantly adding new content from amazing digital collections around New Zealand (and the world!).  With over 25 million items already available through the DigitalNZ search site, we thought it'd be useful to highlight various content partners and their awesome contributions!  

This week's content contributor close-up: The University of Auckland Library.  

Over the past month or so, we have greatly increased the amount of content from the University...

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A picture's worth a thousand words

By Chelsea.

It's our last week of work here at DigitalNZ headquarters, and we're busy tying up loose ends and eating way too much chocolate.  We thought we'd make our last blogpost of 2011 a fun romp through some of the team's favourite images in DigitalNZ. 

Woman modelling Daphne lingerie


Woman modelling Daphne lingerie. K E Niven and Co :Commercial negatives. Ref: 1/2-211738-F. Alexander Turnbull Library, Wellington, New Zealand. http://beta.natlib.govt.nz/records/22872947

Right now, this...

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DigitalNZ's Mighty Big 2011

By fiona.

2011 has been a mighty big year for Team DigitalNZ.

One of the biggest achievements, (though hidden to most) was a complete overhaul of our technical infrastructure to improve performance and set DigitalNZ up for major growth. This was a very big and important job and that fact that you probably haven't noticed it is a very good thing.

Photographs for a brochure, Working model of computer controlled factory, University of Auckland Library

Photographs for a brochure, Working model of computer controlled factory,  1980, University of Auckland Library, CC BY ND SA

Being a non-techie I...

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