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DigitalNZ's Mighty Big 2011

By fiona.

2011 has been a mighty big year for Team DigitalNZ.

One of the biggest achievements, (though hidden to most) was a complete overhaul of our technical infrastructure to improve performance and set DigitalNZ up for major growth. This was a very big and important job and that fact that you probably haven't noticed it is a very good thing.

Photographs for a brochure, Working model of computer controlled factory, University of Auckland Library

Photographs for a brochure, Working model of computer controlled factory,  1980, University of Auckland Library, CC BY ND SA

Being a non-techie I...

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Slow food, small data

By chris mcdowall.

I recently spoke at the New Zealand National Digital Forum (view on Slideshare). This blog post covers some of the things I discussed.

In August, Max Ogden, an American developer and open web advocate, tweeted this: "I would love for 'small data' to be the 'slow food' of the internet".

Slow Food Tweet Crop

At the time I thought, "Right on. That’s a really interesting idea." Then I did what most of us do on Twitter when we see something poignant. I re-tweeted it, I even favourited it… and then I forgot all about...

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combo sky and aerials

By natlib.
I have Sky digital with a built in freeview TV so I pick up and sky and Freeview on our main tv. We also have two TVs in other locations through the house which are connected solely to tv aerial. How do I integrate the other TVs into my existing sky satillite dish to pick up Freeview or do I get a seperate freeview box for my other TV system.

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A day in the life of Dan, the Harvester Man

By dan.
Harvest Time

This is my first blogpost.  Hi, I'm Dan.  I'm a content analyst in the DigitalNZ team, but people around here call me "The Harvester Guy".

Most people (including me before I started here) associate the word "harvester" with those big agricultural combine harvester things. If you do a google image search for "harvester" you get a pretty awesome assortment of these machines, with all sorts of different attachments, shapes and sizes for harvesting a variety of different crops. I...

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