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In the spotlight: Papers Past – National Library of New Zealand

By ting.

The Papers Past website contains more than two million pages of digitised New Zealand newspapers and periodicals. The collection covers the years 1839 to 1945 and includes 77 publications from all regions of New Zealand. DigitalNZ harvests and points to items from these publications, which means more than 24 million pieces of content from Papers Past on our API. 

We have found many Newspapers items about the upcoming Wellington Anniversary on Monday. The first Wellington Anniversary was...

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In the spotlight: Upper Hutt City Library

By ting.

Happy 2013 and a brand new year is waiting for us to fulfill!

From our long to do list of this year, we present you the freshly harvested collections from Upper Hutt City Library. Over time, they have provided us with increasing amounts of content. Digital NZ is now proudly pointing to both the Newspaper Archive collection and Heritage Collection - adding up to over 70,000 items in total. 20,000 new items brought in are available for sharing and remix under a Creative Commons Attribution...

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Happy holidays from DigitalNZ

By ting.

Season’s greetings! Christmas is just round the corner! The year of 2013 is also getting closer.


Our Scrum Christmas tree and presents festively display all the tasks we've completed this year. It was full year and the results are satisfying.
Thank you to all our 120+ Content Partners for helping us make New Zealand digital content easy to find, share and use.
We will see you next year with more exciting DigitalNZ developments.
Have a wonderful and safe holiday everyone!

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So many sets (take two)

By Jane.

In August we listed the top fifty most visited sets in celebration of having 500 of them tucked away. Now there are over 1600 public sets out there so here is the top 50 list take two... 

1. Awkward Portraits 

2. What Have You Come As? 

3. Margaret Mahy 

4. 50 Shades Of Grey 

5. Come hither 

6. Te Atatu - newcomer

7. Woman on left, leaning on table  

8. Foot Models 

9. First World War Newspaper Timeline 

10. The Irish In Nz 

11. ...

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Europeana joins DigitalNZ

By Jane.

More than 1000 records were added to DigitalNZ last week from collections across Europe, and this is all made possible by the incredible Europeana portal. We're pretty thrilled to have them as a new content partner, not to mention their listings of books, images, film and research about NZ from far off places.

Europeana provides a search service or 'access point' across thousands of digital collections. And like us, they go a step further to make the data about all these items available...

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Mix & Mash 2013: The New Storytelling

By Jane.

Mix Brown RgbDigitalNZ is proudly announcing this week that we are partnering with Creative Commons Aotearoa New Zealand and the National Library of New Zealand to bring you Mix & Mash again in 2013

Mix & Mash comprised of large multi-category competitions in 2010 and 2011, then 2012 was a year of supporting other organisations to run their own remix or mashup initiatives. Next year will be all about "The New Storytelling" using open New Zealand content. Instead of one large...

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Reel Choice iPhone app

By Jane.

Reel Choice Logo

Today NZ On Screen and NZ Film Commission launched their latest offering for Kiwi film, TV and music videos buffs. The new Reel Choice iPhone app brings you fresh content from NZ On Screen - the online showcase of Aotearoa screen culture. It was built by Boost New Media and is proudly powered by the DigitalNZ API

The app is a sampler for over 2000 titles, including our own office favourite Goodnight Kiwi

Reel Choice

The Goodnight Kiwi ending a day's broadcast, NZ On Screen.


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New wildlife on DigitalNZ

By Jane.

Green Gecko (Naultinus Elegans)

Green Gecko (Naultinus elegans) (CC BY-NC)

Just under an hour's drive north from Wellington City is Nga Manu Nature Reserve. The 13 hectare site is the largest single remaining remanent of original coastal lowland swamp forest on the Kapiti Coast. Inhabitants are Kiwi, Tuatara, Gecko, Skinks, Wetas, Morepork, Tui, Kereru and many other scaly, furry or feathered friends. The grounds are covered with over 700 different species of native trees and plants.

Golden Bell Frog

Golden Bell Frog (Litoria raniformis),...

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Good digital citizens explore, remix and attribute

By Jane.

This winter, we took part in a fun digital citizenship symposium with the year 9s at Samuel Marsden Collegiate. It's all about safety, community, respect and ethics for growing up with modern technology. 

The umbrella of digital citizenship tends to encompass privacy, online profile awareness, safety, digital security, cyber bullying, netiquette, the law, access and media literacy. Samuel Marsden organised two days of conference style workshops and activities, and a third...

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So many sets

By Jane.

It's been 58 days since we launched the Sets function on our site. This morning we arrived to find that more than 500 individual, publicly listed sets have been lovingly created. (The 500th is about Sir Graham Henry)

What are people making sets about?

After a rummage through online records, people like to make sets that are:

  • Funny and quirky: Appreciating old things in a new context.
  • Visually pleasing, arty and creative: Pulling together beautiful but disparate items, telling a...

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